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Pinastoli Reining Horses

2018 scedule

Starting 2018 Pinastoli Reining Horses will take a new turn by cooperating more closely with Cira Baeck/CS Ranch. We are convinced of the strength of Cira Baecks' unique training program which combines top performances with the horses’ wellbeing.

What can you expect from 2018? In the coming months, Pinastoli Reining Horses will organize a number of high quality reining clinics with some of the top trainers in the reining sport such as Cira Baeck, first assistant at CS Perrine Prevost and Mathieu Buton. These clinics are available for all riders and levels - customers who have their horse at Pinastoli will, of course, have a priority inscription.

In addition, we will invest extensively in the training of our team and in improving our facilities. At Pinastoli Reining Horses Amélie Guilmont and Edouard Winne will remain at your service for boarding, starting horses, training and lessons.

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