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  • Piet Mestdagh and Gunners Snappy Chic, NRHA non pro champions Eurofuturities 2018


    What can we say ? A long statement about how much we appreciate our horses ? Lots of words about our ideas on training and caring for a reining horse ?

    Naah...we just wake up and go to sleep with reining.

    Eat, drink and think reining.

    So drop by any time but beware...take your time. You might have to hear us talk reining for hours. If you are ready for that...welcome !

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    NRHA Euro Futurities 2018 - Cremona NRHA NON PRO CHAMPION Piet Mestdagh and Gunners Snappy Chic ! - Score 217 1/2 !
    Starting 2018 Pinastoli Reining Horses will take a new turn by cooperating more closely with Cira Baeck/CS Ranch. We are convinced of the strength of Cira Baecks' unique training program which combines top performances with the horses’ wellbeing. What can you expect from 2018? In the coming...
    November 14, 2017
    Combining beauty and brains...Reining Whiz For the 2018 breeding season Reining Whiz (aka Bentley) will be standing at Riverside Ranch - fresh semen will be available ! Early booking special : 999€ Regular breeding fee : 1250€ Contact : www.frozen-partners.de
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